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QR codes for packaging

Here is a step by step process to create QR codes for your stickers

Navigate to

Select the URL type of QR code in the grid of icons on the left indicated by a globe.

Paste the URL of the page you want the QR code to link to in the field provided

Click the “Download” button beneath the representation of the code

Leave the settings as is, and click the “EPS” button to download a vector version of the QR code

Open the EPS file for your QR code in Illustrator

Select the white background (using the white arrow tool) of the code and delete it

Select the black group of squares (using the black arrow tool) comprising the QR code and copy it to your clipboard

Paste the image into your sticker file and resize it (using the free transform tool while holding down “shift”) to fit the box indicated with the guides in the lower right corner

Change the fill color of the code to reflect the appropriate contrast for the sticker background (white QR color for green background or green QR color for white background)

2020-11-10 09:14:49
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