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For Ivy.

I have had three mommies and three daddies. They were all different, and they all loved me, for as long as they could.

My first daddy left before I knew him, and my first mommy wasn’t able to take care of me. She wanted to, but her choices made it impossible. I don’t remember them, because I was very small when I moved to my next mommy and daddy.

My second mommy and daddy were nice. They played with me a lot, and fed me well, but they didn’t hug me as much as I needed them to, and they always seemed far away somehow. But they loved me. I think that was because they knew that they wouldn’t be my last mommy and daddy, and that made them sad.

After a couple of years, my second mommy told me that I had a sister, and that she has a mommy and daddy that would like to be mine too. And so after a long wait, I met my third mommy and daddy.

They held me close, and kissed my face, and played with me as long as they could, as often as they could. They told me that they loved me, and when I was in their arms, I felt safe.

Then one day, they stopped coming to visit me. That made me sad, but they called me on the phone and told me that they were trying to come to me, and that they wanted me to live with them still. But they said that things were difficult now. I didn’t understand then, but I do now, there had been a health scare, and nobody was allowed to go anywhere.

My third mommy and daddy, and my sister called every chance they got, and we talked, and played, and laughed. I wanted it to be enough, but we all knew that it wasn’t. I blamed them, thinking that if they loved me enough, they would still come to hug me and tell me. But now I know that wasn’t fair.

Still, my second mommy and daddy took care of me, and loved me as much as they could, while I waited to be with my third mommy and daddy. It felt like a very long wait.

Eventually, people got healthy, and my mommy, my daddy, and my sister were allowed to come back to me. Soon after, they asked me to come live with them all the time, and said that they want to not only be my third mommy and daddy, but my last mommy and daddy.

I don’t care how many mommies and daddies I’ve had before them, even though each one has shaped me in a unique way, I’m just glad they’re my last. My mommy, my daddy and my sister.

2020-04-29 08:37:40
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