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Conrad Altmann is a graphic designer, husband, and daddy of two girls based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Since 2008, he’s been designing for small businesses and coffee industry companies like La Marzocco, AeroPress, Slayer Espresso, Baratza, Modbar, George Howell, Meron and many more.



I have had three mommies and three daddies. They were all different, and they all loved me, for as long as they could.
There was once a very powerful man, who employed a great number of people. He wasn’t very nice, but there weren’t many other options for the people that worked for…
There was once a young boy named Chris. Life was hard for him and his family. They were refugees, and were forced to live in a strange country because of…
There once was a scrap of fabric. It lay in a bin of other scraps in a small quilting shop owned by a kind old man.
My name is Takata Fore…
In the year 2024, doctors’ warnings of the increasing severity of the flu virus and the growing movement of non vaccination came to a head.
Abraham had just finished his duties for the day. As village chief, he was responsible for settling any number of issues that might arise between neighbors.
He had been so obsessed throughout his youth that he neglected any sort of social life. It’s not that he lost friends, he just never really made many.