Ai Free

I’ve recently branched out and become a part of a wider indie author community. This has opened my eyes not just to a wider world, but to a variety of writing styles and opinions. There are few things in the community these days that are as controversial as artificial intelligence.

Ai and Large Language Models (LLMs) are all over the place these days. You’d be hard-pressed to find a niche of the creative world where it hasn’t infiltrated. The main areas of concern in the book writing world are these:

  • Ai generated art in cover designs. Most (if not all) ai art generators use existing art from around the web to train the styles that people request. Rarely with the permission of the original artists, and so it becomes a copyright issue for the original artists, and a non-copyrightable issue for the users.
  • Ai generated text (either partially or fully) in the content or writing process of books.
  • The usage of existing human-written text to train LLMs to generate text based on style and substance.

There are a few authors out there who condone any if not all of these issues in the process of their books, but the vast majority of authors want to stay as far away from anything ai as possible. I could go on and use real-world examples, and detail the arguments for and against, but there’s too much, and I don’t want to right now.

What I did do, what design an icon that I’ve sent out into the world to be used by any and all authors who would like to use it. They can change the color, or the size, place it on the front or back cover, or just on the copyright page. It lets readers know that the author has not used ai in any stage of the creation of the work. Front cover, back cover or anything in-between.

Here’s a link to download the vector pdf if you’d like to use it on your book.

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