Category: writing

  • Ai Free

    I’ve recently branched out and become a part of a wider indie author community. This has opened my eyes not just to a wider world, but to a variety of writing styles and opinions. There are few things in the community these days that are as controversial as artificial intelligence. Ai and Large Language Models…

  • Kepler’s World

    Characters Kepler (Kep) / Zahra (Z) — A Guide of the Local Yaping GuideGuild, assigned to orient incoming interstellar travelers to their current RTS, after awakening from stasis after a number of years in transit. Assumed identities of Lara, Ancara, Zahra and Mara for various contracts. Hohenhoff (Hoff) — Kep’s GuideGuild representative. Socially awkward around…

  • Mo’s Story

    There was once a very powerful man, who employed a great number of people. He wasn’t very nice, but there weren’t many other options for the people that worked for him.

  • A Boy Named Chris

    There was once a young boy named Chris. Life was hard for him and his family. They were refugees, and were forced to live in a strange country because of the political situation back at home.

  • Flannel

    There once was a scrap of fabric. It lay in a bin of other scraps in a small quilting shop owned by a kind old man.

  • Fore

    My name is Takata Fore…

  • What are you doing this Quarantine?

    In the year 2024, doctors’ warnings of the increasing severity of the flu virus and the growing movement of non vaccination came to a head.

  • The Policy

    Abraham had just finished his duties for the day. As village chief, he was responsible for settling any number of issues that might arise between neighbors.

  • Virgil’s Wave

    He had been so obsessed throughout his youth that he neglected any sort of social life. It’s not that he lost friends, he just never really made many.

  • 3: Net

    January, 2147 [eight years prior] From low orbit, the Indian built Garuda V rocket didn’t come into view until it cleared the last level of clouds over the Australian interior, and even then, it was only a small spec on the visualizer. Another twenty miles up, and the main body of the vessel would break…