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  • AI Free 2024

    Newly updated for 2024, this badge is a free-to-use asset for anyone wishing to declare their independence from large-language models, generative ai, and other so-called artificial intelligence technology claiming to make our lives easier, while simultaneously eroding our ability to think and create for ourselves. Especially affected are the artist and writing communities as they…

  • System Universal (SU)

    System Universal (SU)

    This is an attempt to create a measurement system that is truly independent from cultural/planetary/star system influence. As a science fiction author and reader, it annoys me when I encounter an alien species that uses terms that are obviously (and some less obviously) human based. For instance, the year. Time is that basic and ubiquitous…

  • Typography of Cover Design

    There are certain elements that are traditionally included in cover design, and those elements each have a different level of weight for the reader. Imagine yourself at a bookstore, or even online, scanning books that might catch your eye and prompt you to pick them up to read the back. What are you looking for?…

  • Copyright Text

    For those authors who are concerned with their work (both text and cover art) being used to train ai models and LLMs, I have put together a text based on discussion with the community over on the Indie Book Spotlight discord server that iterates the rights of the author to their work. It essentially states…

  • Is AI Generated Art a Natural Step?

    As AI begins to mimic humans more and more accurately, we will begin to rely on it for doing ever more important tasks. Think “AI assistant”, Siri and Alexa are only the beginning, when will they be smart enough that they can anticipate what we will say, or how we will react in any given…

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  • Solving for X
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