Is AI Generated Art a Natural Step?

As AI begins to mimic humans more and more accurately, we will begin to rely on it for doing ever more important tasks. Think “AI assistant”, Siri and Alexa are only the beginning, when will they be smart enough that they can anticipate what we will say, or how we will react in any given […]

Nacho Buni’s M’jun

Plum Sauce / Pflaumenmus When we purchased Wit’s End, our small [mostly] apple orchard, it came with fourteen plum trees (also four wild cherry trees, yay). There are at least two different varieties of plums there, but one: I can’t tell, and two: it doesn’t matter for this recipe. This is the fastest way to […]

Wit’s End Apple Butter

2020, among other things, has been filled with the unexpected. One of these was the acquisition of a small apple and plum orchard at the beginning of the year. As the year progressed, and our patience with lockdowns and pandemics wore thin we christened the orchard “Wit’s End”. Then the apples blossomed. Then they ripened. […]

Kepler’s World

Characters Kepler (Kep) / Zahra (Z) — A Guide of the Local Yaping GuideGuild, assigned to orient incoming interstellar travelers to their current RTS, after awakening from stasis after a number of years in transit. Assumed identities of Lara, Ancara, Zahra and Mara for various contracts. Hohenhoff (Hoff) — Kep’s GuideGuild representative. Socially awkward around […]


I have had three mommies and three daddies. They were all different, and they all loved me, for as long as they could.

Mo’s Story

There was once a very powerful man, who employed a great number of people. He wasn’t very nice, but there weren’t many other options for the people that worked for him.

A Boy Named Chris

There was once a young boy named Chris. Life was hard for him and his family. They were refugees, and were forced to live in a strange country because of the political situation back at home.


There once was a scrap of fabric. It lay in a bin of other scraps in a small quilting shop owned by a kind old man.


My name is Takata Fore…

What are you doing this Quarantine?

In the year 2024, doctors’ warnings of the increasing severity of the flu virus and the growing movement of non vaccination came to a head.